There’s no magic formula to living a great life, but we love the life we’re living and God has certainly blessed us along the way!  The following are excerpts we’ve received from people describing some different ways we’ve touched their lives.  Each one is precious to us!
- the Plath Family

Here are some about our music:

When the girls sang Beulah land this morning it was an amazing rendition. My favorite was when I met S. Parsons and he sung it, but I must say the Plath girls did it best!

J.T. -Georgia

(about Hosanna's rendition of the Orange Blossom Special), "She played that better than Charlie Daniels!"

-Several Plath Family fans

After a talent show: several requests that "Professionals like the Plath Family not be allowed to participate in the talent show."   

We are taking that as a compliment!

L.P. - Texas

Wahooooo! your family is wonderful. What a blessing! May you continue to increase in all your ways in Jesus name.
A.J. - Moldova

We really enjoyed meeting your family and being able to hear you play and sing. You guys are really great.
M.P.  - Minnesota

My Grandson LOVES your CD!  We listened to The Orange Blossom Special 10 times on the way to school today!
D.I. - Florida

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Plath and Plath children!

On behalf of the South Bound Band and the entire Opry Family, this is to let you know how much we enjoyed having you as our special guest for the Sopchoppy Opry's January 30th show!  What a great show it was!  The music was very good and appreciated by our fans!  I believe all the tunes performed were my favorites!  Thank you for the wonderful variety of music, the harmony and the enthusiasm with which it was presented!  The audience was highly complementary of the show and the accolades to the Plath Family Band just keep coming in!  With this kind of fan response, we hope you will come back again for another show!

Everyone left the show happy and some of our fans indicated that this was one of the best Sopchoppy Opry shows ever!  That makes us all happy to see the folks enjoy themselves so much and the money raised for the restoration effort is just more icing on the cake!

This is the kind of show we strive to do every time - one that provides the audience with a good variety of music performed by some of this area's best musicians and vocalists, all in a family oriented atmosphere that is both entertaining and of high quality.  Your performance on Saturday night filled the bill completely and further enriched the Sopchoppy Opry tradition!

Thanks again for coming all the way down to Sopchoppy and blessing us with a great show!  It is generous folks like you, willing to share time and talent, that keeps good music alive and well in our area!  We look forward to having you back again!

Jesse Quigg, Producer

Sopchoppy Opry

And here are some others:

I received the following feedback from wedding invitations I addressed.  In my spare time I will develop a page on this website dedicated to calligraphy – in the meantime if you want invitations written or envelopes addressed send me an email!

-Kim Plath

To the Bride's family: “The wedding invitations you sent were truly special. In an age of computer generated everything you all skipped modern convention and went with traditional and created something spectacular in today’s society. The calligraphy was very eye catching and is what set them apart from the rest. I’ve never been as impressed with a wedding invitation. You did yourselves proud.”
M.H. – Georgia, from an invited guest

I read your book a year ago – Using Essential Oils for Health and Vitality.  I put into practice the things you talked about in the book a year ago.  In that time I have lost 30 pounds, other conditions are much improved and I have a ton of energy!  Thank you!!
C.B. – Georgia
Thanks for letting us come for a visit this past Sunday afternoon.  I thoroughly enjoyed the walk around the farm and gardens, and the workshop where those amazingly creative wooden cars are being built.  You have a little touch of heaven right here on earth.
J.H. – Florida

I had our Doctor (Naturopath) read your book, and his wife, who is a doula.  They thought it was great!
C.S. – Montana

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the valuable and selfless help you gave my niece.  I never stop being amazed how God works in wonderful and mysterious ways.  How did we all end up together at the lake?  How did we end up talking about essential oils?  You were a Godsend. 
M.S. – California

Our time spent with you last week was so good on numerous levels.  We are eager to learn the knowledge and skills that will help minister to the needs of our families and those that we meet.
Listening to Ethan talk about the cars that he is building and then going into the girls’ bedroom to see their quilts and skirts that they have made poured refreshing water into hearts that long for the visible manifestation of the work of the Spirit in industrious family living.

V.M. – Florida
Dear Kim,
I wanted to tell you about the ladies retreat we had at our farm this past weekend. About 25 women and girls came from our church. The theme was Be Still and Know. There was a lot of contemplative time with prayer and journaling. I gave my little talk Saturday afternoon out in the pasture so we could have some hands on learning. My lesson was titled, Weed Pulling.  I got a lot of my ideas from you and your little book. Your testimony is very powerful and I wanted to share it with these women. Here’s a little outline of my talk.

First I talked about mesquite trees that grow profusely out here. They are considered a weed because they steal most of the water from the grasses when it rains. When fully grown they have a huge taproot that is up to 50′ long! I told them that we come out here almost every morning and pull baby mesquite sprouts for about 15 minutes to control them in our pasture. I showed them different ones and had them try pulling them up.

New ones – So easy to pull. Roots are short.

It’s simple and quick and you can do a lot in a short period of time.
Week old ones – Have a few leaves and small thorns, but still very tiny.

Roots are 6-8″ long. Can pull by hand if ground is wet.
Two week old ones – Still very small (only 2-3″ tall), but the root is huge.

At least a foot long! Need pliers to pull them out.
And it just gets worse from there.

Grubbing hoes and big machinery are needed for older bigger trees.

Then I wanted them to picture their heart and mind as this pasture, and the bad or wrong thoughts and lies they believe about themselves or others as the mesquite trees. I talked about how our thoughts influence our health (I read some excerpts from The Spiritual Bullet, in your book). And then I told them about your lovely family and also about the accident you had. I talked about the struggles you had with nursing and the new baby and how hard that was. And how eventually God healed you. And if God could heal you from that terrible accident and all the thoughts that you must have had about yourself, that he can heal us too.

Finally, I told them to do some weed pulling in their heart. Take a journal and go off by yourself and write a letter to Jesus telling him about some thoughts you are struggling with. Then BE STILL. Then write another letter, but this time Jesus is writing you back. See what he says.

It was a very meaningful exercise and I thank you for sharing your life with me so I could share the hope and healing that can come through Christ.

C.I. – Texas


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