Our family actually has two topics that we are extremely passionate about - family unity and health:

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We have a passion for equipping the Body of Christ to live the fullest lives that God has for them in order to be able to fully minister to others.  How productive as Christians could we be if we were not constantly sick ourselves?  If we could get up in the morning, jump out of bed and go?  If our prayer meetings weren’t full of our own health issues?  If our minds weren’t bogged down with lies from the enemy?  What if we were able to freely minister to the needs around us instead of always needing others to minister to us?  What if we could spend more time, energy and resources giving than receiving?
This is what makes our family tick.  This is what gets us excited and up in the morning ready for another day.  Yes, we do school work, my husband works his job, and there are numerous household activities to be done, but ultimately it is our heart’s desire to see people walking in a higher level of health, longevity, passion, and energy.  We love helping those around us move in that direction!

If we can assist you in any way, let us know.  We are in a lot of churches, and from what I've seen there are a lot of sick sheep out there.  We would love to come to your church and do a class on taking care of the temple that God gave us.

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We believe the most important part of man is his spirit.
And yet, the body is the one thing we must have to do what we were put here for.
Each of us has been given one body in which to navigate this world.
Are we squandering that gift or nourishing it?
Our days on this earth are already so short, like a mist, like a vapor, like the flowers of the field.
We must maximize the few precious moments we have, however many those may be.


The need for unity within the family is so great, and so lacking in many modern families. Each member is a part of the whole and has something to contribute. The family has to have a common goal and direction. The size of your family doesn’t matter – if you’re a married couple without children, a single mom, or a large family like ours – what are your goals? Then work together to carry those out.

Having a common goal and a common purpose doesn’t mean that we’re all doing the same thing. At any given moment, my husband may be working at his office, I may be on the phone placing a food co-op order, and the children busy with schoolwork, laundry, and animals. How is there unity in that? The difference is we all have the same goals and we’re all working toward those same goals. My husband is working to pay for the things we need to raise a happy, healthy family. I’m procuring the best organic food we can find so that we can raise a happy, healthy family. (That sounds better than “He makes it – I spend it.”) The children are doing their part to keep things moving in the right direction. I don’t mean to say that our only goals as a family are to be happy and healthy. We have many goals. One of our goals is to help people and to be a blessing to people. We have to work together to make that happen.

When I was doing calligraphy for wedding invitations for a friend, one of my daughters said something amazing. She was eight at the time. I was needing a couple of hours every day of quiet, and I also needed the children to get things done in the house (cooking, cleaning, and laundry are the big ones around here). They all pitched in to help, and my daughter said “I’m so happy we’re able to give her these beautiful wedding invitations.” Did you catch that? She said we are giving. But wait a minute – I’m the one in here slaving over calligraphy ink. Ah – she gets it. She knows we’re a family – we’re in unity. She knows she’s doing her part by washing dishes or watching the baby. She’s as much a part of those invitations getting done as I am when I dip my ink in the well. It is no different. I know that, but it amazes me that she knew that. Children know they are contributing to something. They also instinctively know whether or not there is worth in what they’re contributing to.

If children instinctively know the worth and value of their contribution to the family, it becomes critical that we evaluate exactly what our values are, and what we need to do to best pass them on. Many parents have one set of values, and then unintentionally pass on to their children a different set of values. We don’t have to try to instill values in our children. We are instilling values in our children every waking moment of every day. But are the values we’re instilling the ones we want to instill? Or do we have two sets of values – the ones we intend to pass on, and the ones we do pass on?

Our band is an extension of our family unity.  We first had unity.  A love for God and a love for each other.  A common purpose.  A joy in serving. 

Out of these flows the music that is our band.

Every family needs a common goal and purpose.  Families need to do things together.  Families need to want to do things together.  I don't know what your thing is.  But ask yourself: what are the things in life that bring us closer together?  What are the things that pull us apart?  Then make some changes if you need to.  You only have so many years with your children.  Spend them together!

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