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The Singing Cookes

sang at

Inspiration Park AWESOME!!!

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Moriah Plath
Moriah is 15, and her all time favorite thing to do is sing.  She sings outdoors and indoors, awake and in her sleep.  She is sad that she can't sing while eating, but several Plath rules would be violated if she did, so she can't.

We learned a lot at the Stamps-Baxter Music School. 

My favorite part was voice with Allison Speer!!!! 

She's amazing, and the sweetest lady on earth. Wait!...Besides my Mom!

Right: My choir director!

Her favorite band ever istheInspirations Quartet.  They are a Southern Gospel group and Moriah listens to them every waking moment that she's not singing.  To say she loves them is an understatement.  She's consumed with them.  She would go to every concert if she could.  She will choose a song to sing if the word "Inspiration" is in the title!

In addition to singing and listening to the Inspirations, Moriah also plays the guitar and has recently started writing some very beautiful songs.