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Kim Plath is a Naturopathic Doctor and has spent the last 20 years researching a variety of health topics, especially nutrition. 

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Kim Plath

When I was a baby we sailed from NY to Florida.  I see God’s hand living and active in my life as I was a toddler on a small sailboat in the Atlantic Ocean with two drunk parents for the many months it took us to get there.  My mom’s marriage to my Dad ended when she saw him abusing me.  She felt she deserved it, but seeing me – something in her clicked and she took me and the boat and left.  We settled in Vero Beach, FL where I spent happy childhood days riding bikes and horses, watching way too much tv, and eating junk food.  My Mom stopped drinking when I was 14 and I got a taste of a normal childhood before heading to FSU.
My college days were a flurry of classes, jobs, and parties but I was pretty miserable through most of it.  Things came to a head my senior year and in my misery I discovered the beginning of the most amazing journey that I’m still on today.  It’s the journey of finding who God is, what He is like, knowing Him as Father, knowing Jesus as Lord, and one beautiful discovery after another.  In a flash my desires changed from drinking in bars to all of a sudden I couldn't get enough of my Bible!  I was so happy staying home on a Friday night to read. 

 I married my wonderful husband in 1997 and we’ve had 10 children in 18 years of marriage.  We lost a son in a tragic accident in 2008, so we currently have 9 precious little ones (and some big ones too).  Click
here to read his story.  I researched many different health topics throughout those years of marriage, stemming from a desire for healthy pregnancies, healthy babies, and healthy children.  I found that the more I took control over my health, the healthier I became, and it just feels good to be able to move and have lots of energy.  We have learned many spiritual lessons too: the importance of taking our thoughts captive, how to renew our minds, and what to do when anger or bitterness rears its ugly head.  It has been, and still is, quite a journey of faith.  And God has been, and always will be, faithful every step of the way.

My Mom taught me some amazing lessons:  she taught me to smile and enjoy life, to do my best and know that that’s good enough, and to value each day as a precious gift.  Unfortunately, she also taught me that a sedentary lifestyle, junk food, diet sodas, alcohol, cigarettes and stress will shorten your days on this earth.  She died in 1999.  She also taught me that staying around to see your grandchildren is a very precious gift that’s worth working for.

I want to run and play with my grandchildren.  So I’m continuing my journey, learning all about how to take care of this miraculous body that God gave to each one of us, enjoying the beauty of sunsets and snowflakes, and pondering the magnitude of the God that put so many amazing things on this planet for us to enjoy.

I can't begin to describe the joy it brings to my heart to watch my children grow up with a Mom and a Dad that know and love the Lord.  They see us struggle and overcome (most of the time!) They see us cry out to God in prayer.  They watch His answers arrive at various times and fashions.  They are immersed in the true life of a family lived the way God intended: being real with each other, learning to love each other, finding joy in every day.  There are times when we're playing music together, and seeing their faces and hearing their sweet voices overwhelms me.  Sometimes I cry when we're playing.  I can't even begin to describe the joy.  It's amazing!

May your journey on this earth abound with blessings, and may your days be long and full of indescribable joy.