You know you're a large family when:

Children get up from the dinner table and announce, "No one eat mine; I'm not done!"

You comfort yourself with the fact that in many countries around the world, some people don't even have ONE bathroom!

You stop by the post office to mail something and extra workers come to the counter to help with the crowd!

You take half your children on an errand and are asked continually, "are they all yours?"

You leave your house and say, "Look at the person next to you and see if they're wearing shoes!"

Sometimes you stay up until midnight taking showers!

You go on a trip and pack a five gallon bucket of homemade granola!

You literally have more blessings than you can count!

Queen Amber

What if....

by Mercy Plath

"What if I was playing banjo on stage

and I was jumping really high

and I got stuck on the ceiling

and stayed there?"

-Sweet Mercy

Seriously - she said this - and we all wonder 

"Where does she get this stuff!"

Fun with paper!

Maybe this bass sings bass!

Lady at a concert: "How old are you?"

Mercy: "Three"

Lady: "When is your birthday?"

Mercy: "When I'm four!"

Lydia got baby ducks one year, and she kept saying she would get the first duck egg on her birthday.  Her birthday came in February, and she went outside to check and there it was: the first duck egg!  Amazing!

What it feels like to grow up  in the Plath family

Isaac with his first lizard!

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Actual Misspellings of Plath

Plaff           Plaph
Phath          Pratt
Paath         Palath
Prath          Phalt
Ploth          Pluth
Plates        Platch