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Our Band Story

Barry and Kim Plath were married in July of ’97. Kim was a music major at FSU and has taught their nine children to play a variety of instruments. Their band consists of all eleven members of the family. With a fiddle player that has been called "better than Charlie Daniels," a ragtime/jazz style piano player, beautiful four part family harmonies and more, they keep audiences tapping their toes and smiling.  Usually the little ones steal the show - the three year old can strap a mandolin on, tap her toe to the music, strum and sing along.  It doesn't get any cuter than that!

The Plath Family loves sharing their music with others, but the absolute most precious thing to them is the joy of gathering 'round, picking and singing, and basking in the harmonies that God has brought to their hearts.

How it all started
How do I write the story of our band and leave out how we got married,

how God has led us down all these paths, and how our family has grown and developed?  Because these are the story of our band.

In the Spring of ’97, on the exact same day,

before either of us ever talked about it

or showed any interest in the other,

God revealed to Barry and I that we were going to marry. 

We were married in July of ’97. 

Our marriage has been a continual process

of growth, refinement, challenge, heartache and joy. 

Throughout we have sought God on major life decisions

as well as the minor day to day choices. 

He has taught us how to function as a family in unity. 

How did He teach us?  Little by little, line upon line,

precept upon precept, as we walk by the way. 

That’s how we have taught our children.  The result? 

A family that delights in each other’s company. 

A family in unity, in harmony. 

That’s the story of our band. 

That is the foundation without which

our band and our family would crumble.
It helps that I was a music major at FSU,

and have taught the children instruments. 

But at the heart of our band is a love for God,

a love for each other,

and yes, a love for music.

Everyone played classical music until 2013

when Hosanna learned a fiddle tune. 

Ethan began accompanying her on the piano,

and then was given an accordion by his Grandfather. 

The summer of 2014 Micah bought a mandolin from vegetables he sold from his garden.  Moriah started learning the guitar and I got an upright bass. 

We began playing at nursing homes, for friends, churches,

and anyone that would listen.  In 2015 Lydia started the banjo,

and Hosanna got a dobro. 

We started singing.

One day Ethan was skimming through radio stations trying

to find one that was to his liking when he found a station

playing Southern Gospel music. He grabbed the camera...I know,
I bet you're thinking "What's he doing with

a camera! Does he really think he can
take the radio apart and take a picture of the Cathedrals?"
No! He videoed it then showed it to his sisters and

said "We can do this!!!"   
In 2015 we went to our first gospel sing....And, well the rest is history

We have grown so much since then,

with full time performing and producing several CDs. 

Still the heart of our band is to share with others

the beautiful things God has done in our family.